Arket Café – chef Martin Berg’s engaged kitchen lands in Paris

Chef Martin Berg runs the new Arket café in Paris and presents us with vegetarian recipes, Scandinavian flavors, and quality coffee.
Champagne Gastronomos

Champagne – the world has never wanted you so much

A symbol of pleasure, champagne has a bright future ahead of it. The market is growing rapidly, driven by a desire for conviviality.
os melhores chocolates quentes de paris

The best hot chocolates in Paris, 10 Irresistible addresses

The 10 best chocolates in town, we went after, tasted, and present to you the creme de la creme of hot chocolates in Paris.
Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread – documentary exhales hope and synergy

BREAKING BREAD, Arabs and Jews connected by the love of food and united to celebrate their cultures free of political and religious boundaries.
restaurante israelense

Israeli cuisine conquers Paris, here follows our selection

And Parisians are discovering a colorful and tasty cuisine, far from being only hummus and falafels. Here follows a selection of some of the best Israeli restaurants in Paris, all tested and approved by Gastronomos with the help of Le Figaro content. Baba Marais Artistic director of Sony in another life, Thomas Kolnikoff opened, in […]
Exposição Paris

À Table! Le repas tout un art

When one of the most respected ceramics museums in the world, the Manufacture de Sèvres, organizes an exhibition dedicated to telling the history of French gastronomy through the art of the table, bringing works from all over the country and involving more than 50 professionals among them: historians, designers, craftsmen, scientists, chefs? You know it […]

Normandy: a terroir between land and sea

Very close to Paris, Normandy is a region rich in history, beautiful landscapes and known for its flavors and products from land and sea. A gastronomic heritage to be explored.

Michel and Sébastian Bras arrive in Paris, finally!

The opening of the restaurant of chefs Michel and Sébastien Bras on the Bourse de Commerce-Pinault took place in June. Father and son have breathed into this Parisian location the sensitive and generous spirit that made their success at Le Suquet in Laguiole. A visit to this place that every dish tastes like happiness. Michel […]

Monet’s House and Table

A walk through the gardens and the house where Claude Monet lived, painted and received guests for more than special meals
Alain Ducasse Ice Cream

Alain Ducasse Ice Cream

La Manufacture de Glace, the new gourmet address of the great master Alain Ducasse, does not disappoint.
Samaritaine Gastronomos

Samaritaine makes haute cuisine accessible to everyone

La Samaritaine, the new and magnificent luxury department store on Rivoli street, has finally reopened its doors after 16 years of work. The promise is that it will be one of the most frequented places for locals and travelers in the coming years. But what about the food? Who are the hand-picked chefs and maisons […]

5 of the most blooming cafes in Paris.

We have prepared for you a list of the most blooming cafes in Paris. After many months of keeping the curtain down, Parisian cafes and bars are finally coming back to life! This one will show you the most beautiful Parisian cafes where the primeval makes merry! After all after so long at home we […]
Quarentena em Paris : as impressionantes imagens de Paris deserta vista do céu

Paris Lockdown, images of Paris desert seen from the sky

How is Paris during the confinement? In a video that lasts just over a minute, we see Paris desert, in its most emblematic places. Memorable.

The best boeuf bourguignon of Paris

An exquisite list, with the names of the 10 best restaurants to eat excellent boeuf bourguignon in the French capital.

Café de Flore – The most mythical of Paris’ coffee shops

Learn more about the history of Café de Flore and understand its importance in Parisian and French culture
tour gastronomico paris

Why should I book a Food Tour in Paris?

In France and around the world, food tours are the perfect way to learn and get imersed in the culture of a country.
restaurante accents

Accents Restaurant – A new star shines in Paris

Today when I am asked if I have a favorite place in Paris I respond without blinking: Have you ever been to the Accents restaurant?

Tailor-Made Travel in France, definitely the best option!

No wonder a new wave of consumers is circulating back to travel agents. The good news is that these customers will find a completely renewed service!
guia michelin 2019 frança

Michelin Guide 2019 France – A storm of new stars

Under the command of its new boss the Michelin Guide is proactive and determined, 2019 marks a good crop, balanced and convincing.

Champagne: all you need to know before visiting the region

Champagne’s history, how it is made and travel tips for those exploring Reims and Epernay
macaron paris

All about Macaron: history, how to make it and where to buy

Macaron: what it is, its history, how to make, tips, best recipe, where to buy and everything you need and always wanted to know about this French candy.

PSG Tickets: where to buy and what to eat before or after the match

Do not miss out on a PSG live match in Paris! We have private chairs we make available to our clients. Find out more!

Truffles: an affordable restaurant in Paris!

Discover this place where to eat and taste the delicacy of Truffles without going bankrupt

What is the best Japanese restaurant in Paris?

Here a selection of great Japanese restaurants that show the diversity, the wealth and the philosophy of the Japanese cuisine. The easiest way to travel to Japan without leaving Paris.

Chinon: a mandatory stop for any wine route in France

We dived into the history of this medieval town of the Loire valley through a vertical tasting of more than 100 years

Top 10 hotel restaurants in Paris

In a city that breathes gastronomy it is natural that hotels offer excellent dining options. Check out our selection of the best restaurants in Paris hotels.

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