La Condesa: a jewel in Paris, by chef Indra Carrillo

Paris, the city of love and lights, is known for its charming atmosphere and a rich culinary tradition that has captivated food enthusiasts for centuries. Amidst the cobbled streets and charming boulevards lies a hidden culinary gem, a restaurant that delights customers with an exceptional gastronomic experience: La Condesa. At the heart of this gastronomic […]

Chantilly: from the castle to the world

In this article we'll talk about the origins of whipped cream and some of the secrets behind its preparation.

Café Max: Paris’ best kept secret

Café Max has maintained its loyal and exigent public for decades.

Paris: here are the best ice creams in the capital.

Gastronomos went to the streets to investigate and find the best ice creams in Paris. We have selected 7 places you need to check out!

Musée Bourdelle and Le Rhodia, one of the best things to do in Paris

Visiting the Musée Bourdelle and its restaurant Le Rhodia is one of the best things to do in Paris.

6 places to eat before you take your train in Paris.

We have selected the best places to eat before catching your train.

Jade Genin, the new generation of French chocolates

Alert to lovers of good chocolate, Jade Genin has opened her first boutique in Paris named after her. The chocolate store is located on the mythical Avenue de l’Opéra, a few steps away from the Opéra Garnier and literally next door to Cédric Grolet’s Pâtisserie-Tea Room. White and gold await you in this place inspired […]

Calisson: a classic French pastry that we are crazy about it

Calisson is a typical sweet from the Provence region. Its recipe has remained the same since its creation.

Our selection of the best Pain au Chocolat in Paris.

The French love pain au chocolat! The Gastronomos team has selected 5 places for you to taste the best ones in Paris.

Tarte Tatin: recipe, history and contest

Tarte Tatin is one of the most famous French desserts. In this article, we talk about its history, the contest, and of course, its recipe.

Restaurant in Courchevel

If you are going to visit Courchevel and enjoy the ski resorts, you must check out the restaurant La Cave des Creux.


Michelin Guide 2023 : ALEXANDRE COUILLON the chef of La Marine Restaurant in Noirmoutier finally rewarded with the dreamed 3 stars.

Food Movie

Inspired by a true story, the food movie tells the story of a Moroccan boy in a vulnerable situation – Yazid Ichemrahen. His father left home, leaving him with his mother and sister, and at the age of 2 little Yazid was placed in a very loving foster family in which he discovered his passion […]

Peruvian Food and Hospitality without leaving Paris.

The Gastronomos team visited the restaurants of Peruvian chef José Arias in his two addresses in the capital: the beautiful Villa Mikuna, in Pigalle, and the cozy Yora, in Galeries Lafayette

Brunch time! Check out our favorites.

Gastronomos selected five places to eat the best brunches in Paris. There is something for all tastes, pockets and styles. See the selection tested and approved by our experts!

Five luxury restaurants in Paris

The city that celebrates haute cuisine, is full of upscale restaurants offering the best of French cuisine.

Le Cinq: The restaurant at the Four Season Hotel George V

Located in the heart of Paris, Le Cinq restaurant holds three Michelin stars.

Natural Wine: A New Tendency

Natural wine is becoming popular all over the world and Gastronomos has selected five spaces for you to discover the best natural wines in Paris.

Dijon: International Gastronomy and Wine City

A center dedicated to wine and food has opened in the heart of Dijon to celebrate the French gastronomic culture.

Arket Café – chef Martin Berg’s engaged kitchen lands in Paris

Chef Martin Berg runs the new Arket café in Paris and presents us with vegetarian recipes, Scandinavian flavors, and quality coffee.

A brief list of the most consumed cheeses by the French

Cheese is a regional heritage for the French and has the ability to seduce, delight, exalt, and heighten all the senses.
Champagne Gastronomos

Champagne – the world has never wanted you so much

A symbol of pleasure, champagne has a bright future ahead of it. The market is growing rapidly, driven by a desire for conviviality.
os melhores chocolates quentes de paris

The best hot chocolates in Paris, 10 Irresistible addresses

The 10 best chocolates in town, we went after, tasted, and present to you the creme de la creme of hot chocolates in Paris.
Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread – documentary exhales hope and synergy

BREAKING BREAD, Arabs and Jews connected by the love of food and united to celebrate their cultures free of political and religious boundaries.
restaurante israelense

Israeli cuisine conquers Paris, here follows our selection

And Parisians are discovering a colorful and tasty cuisine, far from being only hummus and falafels. Here follows a selection of some of the best Israeli restaurants in Paris, all tested and approved by Gastronomos with the help of Le Figaro content. Baba Marais Artistic director of Sony in another life, Thomas Kolnikoff opened, in […]

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