Lyon, Beaujolais and Rhône Valley: the Cradle of French Gastronomy

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Lyon is the third largest and one of the most important cities in France. With a milder climate than Paris, and with a rich history, this beautiful city welcomes visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the different wonders of the city and the region.
Lyon is considered the capital of French gastronomy, with a very particular cuisine. It has a endless list of dishes and typical recipes, many of them involving meats, terrines, sausages, and the famous pink pralines. In addition, Lyon has several good restaurants, including the famous “Bouchons Lyonnais”, true French institutions, serving both traditional and delicious cuisine.
The renowned Chef Paul Bocuse, considered by many the greatest name in the history of Gastronomy, is ubiquitous in Lyon, his birthplace. The great central market of the city, a true temple of the French gastronomy, carries his name, way before his death. Close to Lyon is the famous L’Auberge du Pont de Colognes, Paul Bocuse’s 50-year-old Michelin-starred restaurant. In addition to it, the chef has other restaurants in town, with smaller and more affordable prices.
A few miles north of Lyon lies the magnificent region of Beaujolais, where you will have the opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes with large tracts of vineyards and medieval villages with golden stones. Mainly known for the “Beaujolais Nouveau”, a young wine served a few months after the harvest, at an event already famous all over the world, the Beaujolais region is one of France’s most well-kept secrets. Today there are several wine producers making red wines of excellent quality, often with organic crops and natural winemaking.
Further south, just 30 minutes from Lyon, lies the Rhône Valley region. In addition to beautiful old gastronomic towns such as Vienne et Valence, this is another prestigious French wine region, home to well-known names such as Côte Rôtie and Croze-Hermitage.

We start our trip in Lyon. The ancient capital of Gaul, world-renowned for its gastronomy, is also the birthplace of cinema (the Lumière brothers, considered the inventors of cinema, were originally from Lyon). In addition to enjoying the best tables in the city and experiencing local, traditional and quality cuisine, the city will also delight you with its charming narrow streets, beautiful monuments, museums and cultural spaces.
Then we will head north towards Beaujolais. We will discover wonderful wineries in towns like Morgon and Fleurie, where you will be amazed by the freshness and vivacity of the great wines made with the Gamay grape, Beaujolais’ biggest star! Among more than 40 villages surrounded by vineyards, you will discover a few charming villages built of yellow ocher stone, in the region known as “pierres dorées”, the golden stones.
Our last stage will be at the North area of the Rhône Valley. The valley hides one of the oldest stories of the French terroir, which ends up reflecting in the personality of its red wines, predominantly made from the Syrah grape, that require many years of aging in bottle to achieve its splendor! In this famous wine region of France, where vineyards lie on the steep slopes of granite soil, you will explore legendary terroirs like Côte Rôtie and Croze-Hermitage. We will visit small producers where you will discover wines of the highest quality being grown organically and made in the most natural way possible.

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The “Mères Lyonnaises” (the mothers of Lyon) designate the cooks who are behind the gastronomic reputation of Lyon. These women were the cooks of the great bourgeois families of Lyon, who decided to open their own restaurants from the middle of the eighteenth century. The first mention of a “mère” dates from 1759 with Mère Guy, who for many years operated a tavern on the banks of the Rhône. And these ladies are at the origin of another gastronomic institution in Lyon, the famous Bouchons Lyonnais , typical and popular restaurants created after First World War world and that served as school for several renowned chefs, among them, Paul Bocuse. In theses places you will find a simple and convivial atmosphere and typical Lyon dishes, washed down with Beaujolais or Côtes-du-Rhône wines. Even though there are many restaurants called bouchons, there are only 20 officially certified bouchons in Lyon.


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