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A Day in Brussels and its Extraordinary Beers

Discover the beauty and gastronomic secrets of the Belgian capital

1 day

all year long

beer and chocolate

with guide

The train leaves Paris in the morning and arrives in the center of Brussels in 1 hour and 20 minutes… you are ready to spend a day in this beautiful Belgian city. Yes, it is easy to leave Paris and spend a day in Brussels, going back and forth the same day. The beautiful city, besides being the headquarters of the European Union, the “Capital of Europe” as some call it, Brussels has a rich and imposing historical and cultural dimension.
The city is vibrant, the majestic Grand-Place has been elected several times the most beautiful square in Europe. The people are kind, the chocolate is first class and the beer, as you know, is a very serious subject.


Departing from Paris, together with your guide, around 8am, we will take a train and spend a day in Brussels.
When leaving the train station we will take a beautiful walk through the city, where you will be introduced and explained the main points of Brussels: the Palais de Bruxelles (Royal Palace, administrative residence and place of work of the king), the Senate, the Palais de la Nation (seat of the parliament), the Cathedral of St Michael, the Royal galleries of the king and the queen, the Grand Place, the Manekken-Pis, among others.
After the city tour we will take a break for lunch. In the afternoon we will have a tasting of Belgian beers where we will explain the difference of each beer, the evolution of the tones, the aromas, the body and the associations. We will visit a cellar in medieval style where we will find more than 2000 beer labels.
At 5:30pm we will return to the station and take the train back to Paris.


– Guide, expert in beers
– City tour of Brussels
– Beer Tasting
– Visit at the Chocolate Shop


– Transport
– Lunch
– Hotel
– Other tours and personalized visits (On request)

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did you know ?

In the Middle Ages, the water was often contaminated. One of the alternatives to this problem was to drink wine instead of water! Thus, the monks began to use their agricultural knowledge to produce wine. The Belgian climate, however, was unfavourable for growing grapes, and the monks of this country turned naturally to beer production. The diversity was enormous: strong, delicate, dark, abbey, trappist, lager… and to guarantee the quality of the beers, strict rules were gradually created, and Belgian beers rose in quality and began to gain importance and international fame. However, in the post-war period, due to the severe economic crisis, only ¼ of the Belgian breweries survived. Despite this, Belgian breweries did not allow themselves to be slaughtered, and in the 1970s Belgian beer was rediscovered by the general public and again recognized as an exceptional product. Today, there are more than 1100 Belgian beer brands registered and sold all over the world.


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