Bordeaux: World’s Wine Capital

An unforgettable experience through Bordeaux and its surroundings

4 to 6 days

all year long

Cooking class, wines, markets, restaurants

with or without guide

Since being classified as a World Heritage Site in 2007, Bordeaux has doubled its efforts to strengthen itself as a heaven for gastronomists. Bordeaux is a refined city. It is the most important city of the French southwest. In its markets we can find excellent local products of the prodigious lands near the Perigord and the French Basque Country. As you may already know Bordeaux wine has an international reputation for being one of the best in the world. Since conquering these lands, the Romans began cultivating the grapes in 60 BC. Whether you are looking for powerful reds that improve with age or juicy cuts ready to drink, there is no doubt that Bordeaux is your ideal destination. Enjoy a sumptuous bottle with your meal or pay a visit to some of the world’s most beautiful and ancient vineyards.

We will begin our adventure through the old streets of Bordeaux, visit its local market and we will go to a culinary atelier to learn how to prepare some dishes of the region. We will set off towards one of the most beautiful medieval cities of France, we will unveil its castles, its vineyards and its history. We will pass by the basin of Arcachon, to discover and taste its seafood specialties. And we will still find time to visit the Wine City, a fantastic museum inaugurated in May 2016 as well as some magnificent local cellars.

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– Research, planning and reservations of activities and restaurants
– Cooking class
– Wine tasting
– Visits to wine cellars, market and historic sites
– Entrance to the wine museum

– Transportation to and from Paris (car or train)
– Transportation throughout the itinerary with private driver
– Guide specialized in Enology and Gastronomy
– Lunch and dinner
– Hotel reservation
– Other activities

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did you know ?

In 1914, World War I is in full swing, and Kaiser’s troops are at the gates of Paris. The government is forced to relocate. Recognized in these dark times as a cheerful, jovial, and prosperous city, Bordeaux becomes the capital of France on September 3, 1914. For one month, it is from Bordeaux that President Raymond Poincaré and his generals command the troops until the victory in the first Battle of the Marne.


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