Food Tour: The Best of French Pastry

A walking-tour dedicated to the art of pastry

3 hours
all year long, from wednesday to friday
brioches, chocolates, macaron, éclair, biscuits and other sweets
with guide
PT - ES - EN

Okay, France no longer has the monopoly of top-notch gastronomy. But among foodies around the world there is still a consensus: French pastry is the best in the world.
And today, this patisserie shines all over the planet.
From Tokyo to New York, chefs are renowned for their excellence, technique and creativity.
They travel the world to expose and sell their works. They present their collections as if they were jewelry from a great jewelry store.
It is an art that uses as base ingredients: fruits, honey, sugar, flour, milk, flowers, teas and alcohol.
That uses mathematics, chemistry and physics to create incredible and unthinkable things. That flirts with architecture, fine arts, history and geometry, not to mention fashion.
It is from Paris that the latest creations and novelties are released to conquer the globe.


A feast! That will please not only the deepest fans of sweets but also, certainly, lovers of good food in general.
Let’s explore the many expressions of French patisserie: from cookies to chocolates, from pies to brioches, from macarons to éclairs!
It is practically impossible to cover all the delights that Paris has to offer.
But we will certainly take you to meet and taste great samples of it. From the classics to the most innovative pastry. The cream of the cream.


– Local guide specialized in gastronomy, history and culinary culture
– Tasting: brioches, chocolates, macaron, éclair, biscuits, marmalades and more
– Booklet with the best patisseries of Paris


– French pastry course
– Lunch at a “dessert restaurant” in Paris (with or without wine pairing)
– This tour can be extended and done in 2 days, in different regions of the city

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did you know ?
In 1533, the marriage of Catherine de Médicis with Henry II, decisively influenced French gastronomy. Catherine brought Italian cooks from her Florentine court as well as a new way of eating. Her pastry Chef, Popelini, has contributed with the making of eclairs, the marzipan, the sabayon, egg puddings, sorbets, various types of biscuits and almonds sweets. In addition to new techniques for making marmalades, jams and fruit liqueurs.

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