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This experience is a gastronomic consultancy in France. A concierge specializing in gastronomy and wine.
It aims to deliver exactly what you are looking for, with coordination and personalized service.
Do you already know what you are looking for or coming to Paris to research? Do you want to know everything about a specific French product or ingredient? Do you want to do business and meet people? Buy the best wines from France at excellent prices helped by an expert? Participate in fairs and events? Set up a kitchen with everything needed to cook at home as a chef? Discover new pastry ingredients and utensils?
We will organize this for you: we will search for the best products, suppliers and opportunities.
We will put all our experience and contacts at your disposal.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, a student, or a food lover. We will adapt this service to according to your needs.


We will do the research so you can save time and money.
We will not only plan an itinerary, but also take personalized care, including meal and transportation. Our wine and gastronomy experts will customize your research and shopping experience and take you only to high quality and reliable locations.
From suppliers of exclusive ingredients, to small craftsmen, kitchenware stores, factories, chefs, we will completely customize your experience and make it relevant to what you are looking for. Receive exclusive treatment in selected Maisons, while you enjoy the world’s gastronomy capital, Paris!


– Local expert specialized in gastronomy, history and culture
– Personalized research
– Transportation (private car, subway or walking – atever best fits your project)
– Booklet with all the addresses and tips


– Other transportation
– Lunch and Dinner
– Food Tour
Cheese Tasting
Wine Tasting
– Other tastings

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did you know ?

More than just a food practice, gastronomy permeates the entire French way of life. It is also a real economic asset for France, because it irrigates the entire economy of the country. Its helps France attract more tourism, and grow its agricultural and agri-food businesses, its know-how in culinary training, and finally, its diplomatic power. At the economic level, tourism, agriculture and the food industry are among France’s top industries. France is the world’s fourth largest exporter of agricultural and agri-food products. In a world where the consumer is seeking confidence in what he or she buys due to a loss of credibility in food crises, France benefits from an image of quality and traceability. With concierges who are experts in gastronomy and wine, we will search fopr the best products and opportunities. We will put all our experience and contacts at your disposal, so that you can save time and money.


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We are a producer of enogastronomic experiences in Paris and France. We organize bespoke trips and tours that celebrate the art of eating and drinking well.
We act as a receptive agency for independent travelers, travel agencies and corporate.


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