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Oh the macaron! A macaron class is the best way to learn how to make this little jem of the French patisserie and it is also a delightful experience for all travelers and families seeking an interactive and fun activity in Paris.

Chic, colorful and delicious. The macaron is at the heart of the French pastry.
In this macaron cooking class you will get your hands dirty and learn step by step how to make this classic and delicate patisserie.
Your patisserie chef will greet you in her kitchen to convey to you the art and secrets of macaron’s making. At the end of the lesson, in addition to the secret and special recipe, you will leave with a beautiful box containing all of your creations.

The techniques you will learn in this macaron class are:
– How to make an Italian meringue
– How to use a pastry bag
– How to bake the biscuit
– How to prepare a ganache
– How to stuff a macaron

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– Macaron class
– Tasting and a take-away box with your creations made in class
– A special recipe

– Food Tour: The best of French patisserie
– Other pastry and/or French cuisine classes

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did you know ?

The macaron appeared in Europe in the Middle Age, first in Italy, under the name of maccherone and then in the French court through Catherine de Medici. There are records showing that macaron was served at the marriage of King Louis XIV with Maria Tereza, princess of Spain. At that time the macaron was served as a biscuit and next to it were proposed jams, jellies and liqueurs to go with. It was only in the early nineteenth century, precisely in 1830, that they had the idea of joining two biscuits and picking them up with a ganache, and thus reaching the macaron we know today.


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