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Gastronomos is a specialized travel company based in Paris, France, that plans meticulously-crafted journeys for discerning travelers who have a passion for culture, food, wine, and sustainable development. With our extensive expertise and connections in the wine, culinary, and travel industries, we curate exclusive, authentic experiences tailored to your unique interests and preferences. 

Our aim is to create meaningful connections between you, the local people, traditions, and cultures, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the places, cuisine, and wines you encounter. With a network of expert guides, vintners, winemakers, chefs, and educators across Europe, we ensure that your travel experiences are truly unforgettable and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Immerse yourself in our experiences or be inspired by different destinations, ideas and pleasures.

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Come to France to travel like a local and in an authentic way, letting the French gastronomy guide your trip.

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Itinerary Ideas

Bordeaux: World’s Wine Capital

Discover Bordeaux and its surroundings, a region that besides being the wine capital of the world, translates the true “art de vivre à la Française”

Paris Gastronomy Week

Cooking classes, gastronomic tour, cheese tasting, wine tasting, restaurants, visits to markets and stores of utensils, books and gastronomic products. A unique immersion in French

Brittany and Mont Saint-Michel

A region that unites gastronomy, culture and unique landscapes on the beautiful coast. An unforgettable trip in the country of crepe and butter and where

Colors and Flavors of Alsace

Alsace proudly preserves its own identity, language, cuisine, history and architecture – French part, German part and 100% Alsace. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful


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We are a producer of enogastronomic experiences in Paris and France. We organize bespoke trips and tours that celebrate the art of eating and drinking well.
We act as a receptive agency for independent travelers, travel agencies and corporate.


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