Paris Gastronomy Week

6 days of total immersion in French gastronomy

6 days

All year round (for private groups of at least 6 people)

6 lunches, 2 dinners, 4 cooking classes, various tastings

with guide

French gastronomy is a vast subject that needs to be lived to be understood and appreciated. In France, eating is a sacred ritual of life and happiness.
In thant French gastronomy week, we find artisans (chefs, pâtissiers, boulangers, chocolatiers, fromagers, bouchers) considered true artists who work with the common goal of finding flavors, textures, and ways to sublimate our palate.
This Paris Gastronomy Week is a rich and rewarding adventure for those who love to eat, cook and are interested in French products, history and “savoir vivre”.

Cooking classes, cheese tasting, wine tasting, restaurants. Guided visits to markets and stores of utensils, books and gastronomic products. Meals at selected restaurants carefully curated by our staff.
A group of passionate professionals, each in their own way, will be ready to share their wisdom with you.
We will also enter the world of ‘Bistronomie’, the French word used to describe restaurants headed by young chefs with their laidback atmosphere and their signature dishes, the new generation of French cuisine.
You will be introduced to Paris in a way that will stay forever in your memory.

The gastronomic week is private and tailor-made and available for groups of 6 or more.

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did you know ?

Bistronomy (a contraction of “bistro” and “gastronomy”) is a concept born in the 90s. Emblematic, the term translates to restaurants that combine moderate prices, a small staff, small facilities, and inventive cuisine made from seasonal products. Its chefs are, most of the time, cooks trained in large and starred restaurants who seek greater creative freedom with original recipes.


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