Food Tour: The Best Bakeries in Paris

The wonderful world of French bakeries and its works of art

3 to 4 hours
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
breads, brioches, croissants, sandwiches and much more
with guide
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Paris is everyone’s favorite destination for tasting the most delicious breads and brioches on earth!
The good news is that the French capital is evolving, transforming and reaching new heights. The bakery scene in Paris is now more dynamic and expansive than ever.
The rise of artisan bread is so important that the baguette itself is being now challenged as the French bakeries’ Queen by new and upcoming types of  bread. The best bakeries in Paris are now turning their attention to rustic breads, which favor less refined cereals and natural fermentation (going back to basics when bread was made this way… and was tastier!!!).
The aim of this tour is to present the best boulangeries / bakeries in Paris, led by exceptional chefs who undoubtedly know one or two things about how to make magic with flour, butter, sugar and cream.

On this Bakery Tour we’ll walk about two miles with several stops along the way.
On this Bakery Tour we will try a sublime selection of different specialties: natural fermentation breads, sandwiches made from the crunchiest baguettes, biscuits, croissants, pies..
On this Bakery tour you will be able to satisfy your love for the beautiful art of French baking.
The tour will also be a nice city tour through the beautiful and lively area between Canal de Saint Martin and Republique square, two very important and historical points of the city.

– Local guide specialized in gastronomy, history and culture
– Tasting: breads, brioches, croissants and much more

– French Patisserie Tour
– This tour can be extended and done in 2 days, in different regions of the city

Did you know ?
To understand the origin of the baguette we must go back to 1830, the date that coincides with the arrival of Viennese bread in France: a bread made from brewer's yeast and steamed, originally consumed only by the aristocrats. Little by little, Viennese bread became more democratic and became the bread of the workers. Its shape becomes longer and longer to facilitate transportation and to be able to fit into the wicker baskets so used for shopping at the time ... it was at this moment that it earned the baguette nickname. 

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