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Cheese Tasting: The Wonderful World of French Cheese

A cheese tasting to celebrate the greatest French treasure

2 to 3 hours

all year round, from Tuesday to Friday

Cheeses, breads, jams, and 1 glass of wine

with guide

The history of cheese is in some ways also the history of France. It crosses the path of Charlemagne, flirts with Napoleon, plays an important role in religious matters and participates in the evolution of scientific research.
The diversity of French cheeses is one of the most celebrated expressions of this gastronomy. French people strive to defend this heritage with passion.
But choosing, tasting, putting together a cheese board is not trivial. By properly selecting combinations of flavors and textures we can generate a much greater and pleasant gustatory experience.
With this special cheese tasting, we will offer you a broad understanding of this very special part of the French gastronomy.

A cheese tasting like no other.
We will taste several different handmade slices of cheese from the most varied regions of France, accompanied by 2 glasses of wine carefully chosen to harmonize with our selection of cheeses.
Let’s delve into the history of cheese and its origins. We will discover the most diverse types, their stages of production, maturation, their protected designations of origin.
We will talk about conservation, the composition of a cheese plate, the exact cut, the harmonization with wine and other drinks, and the association with other foods and recipes.

– Chef specialized in cheeses
– Tasting of artisanal cheese
– wine
– Booklet in English with additional information on the cheeses we will taste and recipes

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– Atelier “Make your own cheese”
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did you know ?

Cheese, from Latin: Caesus. Fromage (cheese in French) comes from the also Latin expression: caesus formaticus, meaning molded cheese, created by the soldiers of the Roman army who nicknamed it simply formaticus. Cheese, along with grains, legumes, and some vegetables, was part of the food ration of the Roman legions that dominated and left important legacies in French soil. At that time, cheese was already present in the markets of the big cities, and its production already used a technique similar to that used today.


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