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Itinerant Wine Course / Tasting through Paris: The Natural Wine

Let yourself go with the charm and freshness of natural wines!

4 hours

all year long
except sundays
and mondays

4 glasses of wine,
3 house

with guide

Natural wine is a wine produced with minimal interference from substances other than the grape itself. The grapes are produced in an organic way, the harvests are manual and during the winemaking process any addition of chemical products is forbidden, except, if necessary, sulfites in extremely small quantities. Today in France natural wine is gaining great strength among star chefs and demanding consumers, and is no longer just a “fad” as it was considered a few years ago. The demand for natural wines is increasingly intense and consolidated. Paris, the avant-garde French capital, undoubtedly leads the ranking of world capitals where natural wine is most in vogue. We can easily say that Paris is today the world capital of natural wine. Bars, shops and restaurants that offer natural wine grow exponentially and it is increasingly difficult to find a good address in Paris that does not have some beautiful bottles on its wine list.
The summit of this phenomenon is concentrated in Paris’ Rive Droite, known for its young and dynamic population, always in search of the latest novelty. Especially in Belleville, a bohemian region, famous for its nightlife and good Asian restaurants.
This itinerant wine tasting will be entirely dedicated to natural wines: whether they are natural sparkling wines (pet nat), white or red. While discovering the secrets of a unique Parisian neighborhood and outside the traditional tourist routes, we will deepen our knowledge about this new way of making wine.


Our experience begins in a unique and exclusive location: a secret vineyard on a small street hidden within Paris. Next to the small vineyards, we will talk about the process of growing organic grapes, the vine cycle and the techniques used in the production of natural wine. Of course, our conversation will be accompanied by a delicious natural sparkling wine that will help to make the experience even more unforgettable.
We will proceed to the largest natural wine bar in Paris, where we will taste unique and original labels of natural white wines accompanied by a cheese platter. The third stop will be no less emblematic: we will go to a bistro specialized in natural wines and elected bistro of the year in 2018.
We will taste natural reds with a delicious selection of cold cuts. We finish our tour in the most gastronomic stop of our itinerary: a charming little bar, where we will taste delicious delicacies prepared by a renowned chef and have a last glass, already conquered by the charm and freshness of natural wines and their Parisian characters.


– Specialized guide in wine and Paris
– Wine tasting including 4 glasses
– 3 house specialties (cheese platter, cold cuts and other gastronomic delicacies)
– A complete booklet with an extensive overview of the world of wine: the vineyards, the wine soils, the aromas, flavours and the different wine regions of France.


– Lunch/Dinner
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did you know ?

A natural wine is a wine to which little or no input is added during its vinification, namely without sulphur. The great strikes of the wine growers of 1903 and 1904, as well as the 1907 Revolt of the Languedoc wine growers, already demanded a “natural wine”, produced exclusively from grape juice and without “artificial manufacture”. In Montpellier, on June 9, 1907, 600,000 winegrowers gathered for a big meeting, one of the slogans was “Vive le vin naturel!”. These latest revolts led to the adoption of the law of 29 June 1907 prohibiting the wetting of wine through the addition of water and the abuse of sugar. More recently, this old wine world claim joined consumer demand for healthy foods in the 1980s and the social movement back to nature to give rise to the current concept of “natural wine”. Learn more:


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