The Natural Wine of the Loire Valley

A route of organic wines amidst castles and beautiful landscapes

1 to 3 days
all year long
wine, restaurants and local products
with or without guide
PT - ES - EN

Against the background of the traditional wine industry and its millions of liters produced, natural wine offers us a new, joyful and transparent model. This exemplary, delicious and philosophical wine requires an even greater knowledge of the land, the climate and the grapes. The result in the mouth is something amazingly alive and complex that captivates a growing number of fans. Natural wine is now a worldwide trend.
The Loire Valley has established itself as the main region of natural wine production in France. It was a profound and silent revolution that in the last twenty years has led its producers to achieve surprising results.
This itinerary will take us to the center of this global wine phenomenon while visiting some of the most beautiful castles and villages in France.


As with traditional wine routes, we will tour the Loire Valley with selected stops at some of the properties that produce the best natural wines of the region. We may also include a castle to our itinerary as in the Loire Valley we find some of the most beautiful castles in France, incredible places with characters and historical facts that seem to have come out of fantastic tales. We will have time to visit medieval cities that are part of the history of France. Throughout the trip, we will taste the regional cuisine dishes in restaurants carefully chosen for a complete gastronomic experience.
Our natural wine tour is organized on demand and can be customized as per any duration, expectations and objectives.
Our most popular tour is the day trip leaving from Paris. A typical day trip would look like this:

7.00 am – Hotel Pick-up in Paris
7.15 am – Departure to Loire Valley
10.00 am – Visit of first winery with tasting
11.30 am – Second tasting at a wine shop from the most famous natural winemaker in the region
12.30 pm – Lunch (with wine)
2.30 pm – Visit of second winery with tasting
3.30 pm – Visit of a natural wine shop with tasting
4.30pm – Return to Paris
7.30pm – Hotel drop-off in Paris

Below a video made by one of our clients which provides a good glance on this experience:


– Research, planning and reservations of activities and restaurants
– Access and visits to various producers of natural wine of the region: visit of vineyards, cellars and various tastings in the properties


– Transportation throughout the itinerary with private driver
– Guide specialized in Enology and Gastronomy
– Lunch and dinner
– Hotel reservation
– Balloon ride
– Other activities


Itinerant Wine Course / Tasting: The Natural Wine
Itinerant Wine Course / Tasting: Understanding French Wines
Visit to Champagne with Sommelier

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did you know ?
Natural wine is a wine produced from organically grown or biodynamic grapes, harvested by hand and made using artisanal techniques (for example, horses to treat the soil instead of tractors) and especially low or non-existent doses of sulfite (dioxide of sulfur, which upon contact with alkaline solutions of wine, forms sulfites). The origin of natural wine dates back to the early 20th century when a revolt of winemakers in southern France already demanded a "natural wine" produced exclusively from grape juice and without "artificial manufacturing." This old claim of the world of wine joined, from the 80's, on the consumer's demand for a healthy diet and the societal movement back to nature, which gave rise to the current concept of "natural wine." Find out more in this article.

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