Picnic in Paris

One of the most unforgettable experiences in the city of lights.

from April to October
cheese, ham, fruits, breads, pastries, wine and more
without guide

A green landscape in the woods, like Boulogne or Vincennes, or on the banks of the Seine or the Saint Martin channel. At the foot of the Eiffel Tower or in a secret place, away from the noise. With family, with your loved one or among friends. Picnics are a great little luxury that Parisians offer themselves when sunny days finally appear.
From April to October, with the pleasant temperature and the sun shining till late, having a picnic in Paris is part of the must-live experiences of the city.


All you have to do is to pick a location and relax.
We will quietly install a towel, bring the wine, a special selection of handmade cheeses and sausages, seasonal fruits, breads and brioches, pastries and other small treats. We will provide disposable cutlery and cups, napkins and a wooden board to make a perfect picnic.
Everything will be set up on time with the ingredients bought on the same day, the fruits washed, the towel perfectly in place. Everything will be perfect for you to enjoy a delicious experience in Paris.


– Wine, juice and water
– A special selection of artisanal cheeses and sausages, fruits, breads, pastries and other small treats
– Disposable tableware and articles, napkins
– A picnic tablecloth
– A wooden board
– Garbage bag
– Booklet in English with a list of the best places to picnic in Paris


– Champagne and other drinks
– Great wines
– Special Ingredients
– Flowers, balloons, candles
– Disposable cups and glasses
– Support staff
– Rental of spaces such as boats, péniche and castles
– Picnic outside Paris with transport included (Fontainebleau, Versailles and others)

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did you know ?
The origin of the word picnic dates back to 1649 from the book Les charmants effets des barricades, first used to designate an open air meal. The term was quickly used by the Parisian society at the time, such that the term was included in the 1694 edition of the Dictionary of Etymology of the French Language. The word "pique" (from the English word pick) comes from the verb piquer, to take small portions, to scratch, inspired by the chicken that cracks small portions. And "nique" designates a small thing. The juxtaposition of the two results in the idea of snacking, extended to the concept of convivial meal in an outer space.

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