The Truffle Route and The Secrets of The Périgord

Discover this beautiful, medieval and gastronomic region!

4 to 7 days
all year long (hunting truffles from November to March)
Truffles, wines, ducks, strawberries, chestnuts, and a lot more
with or without guide
PT - EN - ES

I could say that what brings us here are the truffles, the ducks, the foie gras. The huge strawberries fields, the century-old walnut trees… The excellent wine of Bergerac… And everything would be true. Without a doubt, Périgord has an unique and rich gastronomy. But it doesn’t stop there. This is an unknown region for most foreign tourists, but highly appreciated by the French, with unique attractions to discover.
The Dordogne valley and its more than 1000 castles, the Vézère valley and its caves with rock paintings, stunning caves with natural lakes. The Perigord Vert forest reserve (one of the largest in France!). The incredible medieval town of Sarlat, the troglodyte villages, the medieval houses of the beautiful Monpazier… it is a long list!


An unforgettable trip through the magnificent Périgord region under the sign of nature, history and gastronomy.
There is a great variety of beauties to be discovered: caves, waterfalls, castles, wineries, duck farms, sheep and other exceptional products from the region.
Our itinerary includes the historic and unmissable Sarlat, La Roque-Gageac, so-called Dordogne’s petit Nice, the beautiful Saint-Léon, considered one of the most beautiful cities in France, the Lascaux caves famous throughout the world for their rock paintings. And if this was not enough, we will have the opportunity to have an unique experience only available to a limited group of people: the hunting for black truffles.  You will experience and discover all the delights and legends related to this product also called European black gold.


– Research, planning and booking of tours, cultural activities and restaurants


– Round-trip transportation from Paris (car or train)
– Private driver
– Specialized guide in Wine and Gastronomy
– Hotel reservation
– Cooking class

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did you know ?
The Périgord region is divided into four parts: The Black Périgord, in the southeast of the region, is the busiest and most touristy part that includes the beautiful city of Sarlat. It bears this name due to the trunks of the many oak trees that are present there and that darken in winter. The Red Périgord in the southwest, whose most important city is Bergerac and its vineyards, whose leaves turn red in autumn. The White Périgord is a strip that crosses the region from east to west including the city of Périgueux, one of the largest in the region, and has this name due to its limestone soil, The Green Périgord in the North, which thanks to its many forests that are part of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Natural Park.

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