Food Tour: The Best of French Gastronomy

The best and most complete food tour in Paris

3 hours
all year along, except saturdays and sundays
caviar, charcuterie, foie gras, truffle derivatives, chocolate and pastry
with guide
PT - ES - EN

Why a food tour in Paris? The French gastronomy is recognized around the world for its quality and diversity. The soil and the climate associated with hard work, care and the high level of exigency make French national ingredients and products among the best in the world. And the French we can observe one of the most important characteristics of its culture: the obsession for detail and quality.
All this is the result of a secular heritage that is constantly evolving.
Tasting the French cuisine is experiencing ‘l’art-de-vivre à la française’, its history and its present.


The starting point of this food tour is one of the most emblematic maisons of Paris. From there, we will walk in search of the most precious jewels of the French gastronomy. Will be guided by a chef trained in one of the most renowned cooking schools in France. There will several stops along the way to discover and taste the best France has in terms of ingredients and products. All this permeated by stories, legends and recipes. A walk where we will talk from start to finish about gastronomy and everything that relates to it.


– Guide specialized in food and food history
– We will taste during this food tour: mustard, caviar, artisanal sausages, macaron, special pastries and many other things.


– Cooking course
– Lunch in a gastronomic restaurant (with or without wine pairing)
– Extend this experience with another food tour

did you know ?
In 2010, the French Gastronomy has made into list of the intangible heritage of Humanity. The following elements from French cuisine have been taken into consideration for this award: the purchase of good local products, whose flavors harmonize well together, the careful choice of dishes that reflect the diversity of regions and terroir, the marriage between food and wine, the high level of techniques applied and the aesthetics of the table.