Food Tour: Secrets of the Marais

Discover and taste the Marais district!

3 hours
all year long
cheeses, pâtés, eclairs, biscuits, jams and more
with guide
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A food tour in the most iconic district of Paris, the Marais district.
Throughout its long history, the Marais has been the scene of successive changes, waves of aristocrats, immigrants and artists. The northern part of this neighborhood is now exploding with art galleries, cool new restaurants, markets and of course, lots of good food!
Discover and taste, during this Marais-guided tour, the history, ingredients and recipes that are part of the daily life of the French.


Our chef will take you to discover and taste the products of traditional French cuisine, walking through the charming streets of the Marais.
When visiting neighborhood markets and the small and exclusive street shops that sell regional products, our guide will introduce the ingredients that make up French cuisine and explain how they are used in everyday dishes, giving tips on preparation and recipes.
Cheeses, pâtés, eclairs, biscuits, jams, and other ingredients will be tasted. There will also be non-tasting visits, such as a shop specializing in teas and a visit to the oldest market in Paris. Along the way, you’ll find the best cafes and restaurants as well as the history of this fascinating district of Paris.
Come and discover the Marais and its flavors with Gastronomos.


Specialized gastronomy and food history guide
– Cheeses, pâtés, eclairs, biscuits, jams, will be tasted during this food tour.


– Cooking course
– Lunch in a gastronomic restaurant (with or without wine paris)
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did you know ?
The Marais district is located in a triangle between Hotel de Ville (the City Hall), Place de la Bastille and Place de la Republique, on the right bank of the Seine. It is considered one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Paris because there are still several traces of a past rich in history very difficult to find in other Parisian neighbourhoods. This is mainly due to the fact that the Marais district was spared in the 19th century from the complete renovation of Paris by the then mayor, Baron Haussmann.

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