Colors and Flavors of Alsace

Be charmed by its unique identity, cuisine, and architecture

2 to 4 days

all year long

Wines, charcuterie, foie gras, sweets, breads, typical dishes

with or without guide

Alsace seems to be France’s best kept secret.
Lovers of food and wine will immediately fall in love. With the largest proportion of Michelin-starred restaurants in the country, there is a gourmet delight in every corner, and often, hidden in the middle of nowhere.
The wine has its own style and the quality is exceptionally high. And the best: even the best “Grand Cru” wines offer excellent value for money when compared to some of France’s most famous wine regions.
Not just a feast for the palate, Alsace is also a feast for the eyes. When you look at the incredible architectural wonders of Colmar and the picturesque Renaissance villages and castles that adorn the wine route from Marlenheim to Thann in Alsace, you will understand why Alsace is a fascinating and memorable destination.


The Alsace region is a perfect trip for those who have little time. In this itinerary the distances are short and the roads are magnificent, with landscapes full of vineyards and hills.
From small towns to villages, going past castles, dense forests and breathtaking views. In Alsace you will find different landscapes at every corner. Even if you only have one weekend … Do not miss this trip!
The wine route of Alsace is one of the most prodigious wine routes in France, so do not be surprised if you stumble across some vineyard with exceptional wines and end up with a car full of newly purchased bottles.
The gastronomy of Alsace is strongly marked by its history and culture. The dishes and recipes have German influence performed with French techniques and savoir faire and this is what makes it so unique and interesting. Among other delicacies, do not forget to sample its extraordinary foie gras, its Munster cheese, its unique cakes and sweets, its smoked meats and the ubiquitous flammekueche.

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did you know ?

It is known that in prehistoric times, Alsace was inhabited by nomadic tribes composed of skilled hunters. Around 1500 BC, the Celts began to settle in this region and started to cultivate the land. In 58 BC, the Romans invaded Alsace and established there an important center of viticulture. To protect this valuable activity, the Romans built fortifications and military camps that turned into cities, which, with the different conquerors that passed through, changed names several times. However, these small villages resisted time and wars and still exist today.


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