Alain Ducasse Ice Cream

Alain Ducasse Ice Cream

La Manufacture de Glace, the new gourmet address of the great master Alain Ducasse, does not disappoint.

id-June near the Bastille in the 11th arrondissement under the tutelage of Italian master ice cream maker Matteo Casone, who came straight from Bologna, Ducasse celebrates the opening of his first ice cream store.

We were there and we can say: in the mouth, the texture of the ice cream is really surprising. It is like a chef’s work, sublimated with fragrances made with fresh ingredients and contrasting textures with dry ingredients. I tasted the Plombière flavor and my taste buds trembled as I savored a spoonful made of a junction of cream, a paste made of bitter almond and sweet almond.But the highlight of the show, this fresh note is studded with a quintet of citrus fruits (lemon, citron, orange, tangerine, grapefruit) all coming from the Saint-Sylvestre confectionery in Corsica.

It was a real explosion of aromas, both powerful and subtle. The experience is indeed, extremely pleasurable. As is the rest of the menu, which is inspired by the preparation techniques used by chefs and patisseries and which results in surprising and seductive flavors.

Among the 15 other flavors created daily on site, my favorites are: raspberry and currant; grapefruit and vermouth; olive oil; fresh herbs; Peruvian chocolate and Lazio hazelnut. A real battle of the ice creams to lose your mind when choosing.

Ducasse Ice Cream

Don’t expect sweet and gentle prices as ice cream, on average the price of Alaind Ducasse’s ice cream exceeds that of its competitors:

Small cup with two flavors: €6.50.
With three flavors: 8 euros.
Six flavors: 10 euros.
There are options of 500g and 1kg jars.

La Manufacture de Glace Alain Ducasse
38, rue de la Roquette, 11e.
Open seven days a week from 11am to 7pm (11pm on Fridays and Saturdays).

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