Chantilly: from the castle to the world

The history and recipe of whipped cream

You’re probably familiar with Chantilly cream and have probably heard of its sumptuous castle. But today we’re going to tell you about its history, of which there are two versions, one of them very little known. We’re going to give you a spectacular recipe and tell you some secrets about it. 

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Let’s start with a bit of history…

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There are several versions that explain the origin of whipped cream (chantilly).

Some attribute its invention to François Vatel, a 17th century pâtissier. He supposedly whipped the cream to serve to guests during a party at the Château de Chantilly. Others claim that it first appeared in 1784, when Baroness Marie Féodorovna commented on a sweet cream during a celebration held in the Hamlet of Chantilly. Unfortunately, she didn’t identify the first person to sweeten the cream.

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The name “whipped cream” appeared later, at the end of the 18th century. It was the culinary author known as Menon who published the first recipe mentioning the cream by that name. Thirty years later, an association was established between “chantilly” and the castle, probably related to court festivities.

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Regardless of its origin, Chantilly has remained a symbol of French culinary heritage.

How to prepare…

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Making whipped cream is an art that requires patience and attention to detail. With just cream, sugar and a touch of vanilla, its simplicity is deceptive. Temperature plays a crucial role; the cream must be chilled to obtain the ideal consistency.

The secret lies in adding 5 to 10 per cent mascarpone to the mixture to extend the shelf life. The choice of cream is also essential, it’s important to have a fat content of at least 35 per cent to get the desired result. We know it’s ready when a bird’s peak forms on the whisk, this is the moment to stop whipping. Otherwise, it could turn into butter.

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