Le Cinq: The restaurant at the Four Season Hotel George V

Le Cinq offers a Bretagne-inspired cuisine and a majestic view.

Opened at the height of the art deco period in 1928, the George V – named in honor of the British monarchy – spoiled guests with amenities that was new at the time, including two bathrooms per suite (it was rare for any Parisian hotel to have a private bathroom), a telephone with an outside line, and elevators that delivered food straight from the kitchen to the room.

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Hotel George V, Four Seasons, Paris, France - Elite Traveler
Photo: Elite Traveler

George V looks like a royal residence and features an underground wine cellar, built 14 meters below ground in old quarries. The cellar contains about 50,000 carefully selected bottles. The hotel was designed by French architects Lefranc and Wybo.

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At the Four Season Hotel George V in Paris is the restaurant Le Cinq, run by chef Christian Le Squer since 2014. Le Squer is inspired by his region, Bretagne, located in northwestern France.

Photo: Michelin Guide
Photo: Michelin Guide

The Breton cuisine is full of flavor and guided by one clear characteristic: the quality of its products. Fish and seafood reign supreme in Bretagne. Its coast is extensive and contains a huge variety of ingredients such as monkfish, sole, sea bass, mussels, and especially oysters, which are cultivated and highly appreciated in the region.

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The chef described by the Michelin Guide as a “composer of flavors” says that Le Cinq seeks to create “the art of French-style eating”. In addition to his influences, the chef draws on affective memories and has as his signature the reinterpretation of traditional French dishes with lighter, softer, and more refreshing touches. Christian Le Squer wants to create flavors that linger in the mouth, combining different ingredients, textures, and colors. His main goal is to provoke unexpected sensations.

Photo: Four Season
Restaurant Le Cinq - Four Seasons Hôtel George V em Paris - Preços, menu, morada, reserva e avaliações do restaurante | TheFork
Photo: The Fork

For Christian Le Squer, French cuisine is the pure essence of luxury. The process involves using traditional cuisine as a base and updating it through a long, artisanal process.

Christian Le Squer joined the restaurant with the mission of winning the third Michelin star, a task he did not complete until two years later, in 2016.

Below is a video made by Four Season Hotel George V featuring Le Squer’s 20 Years of Excellence Menu. In this video, we can see a bit of the chef’s creative process and behind the scenes of this three Michelin star restaurant.

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