Eat well and cheap in Paris: 10 great places to have lunch for 10 € (or less)

Discover our list of addresses to eat well and cheap in Paris.

Let’s face it, Paris is an expensive city. Hotel, museums, restaurants so many things to see that often we do not have time and we do not want to spend too much with food. That’s why we have gathered for you some of our favorite places where you can eat well and cheap in Paris.
Ten real finds where lunch comes out for € 10 or less! And the best, even being cheap they do not skimp on quality and taste.

The Little Rolls de Paris: for all ages

The Little Rolls de Paris brings several different recipes depending on the season, but one of them: rolled of chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cream of cheese Comté was the one that guaranteed the vacancy in this post. Absolutely irresistible at € 9.50 and still comes with home-made chips or salad. For the hungry from 4 to 104 years old.
The Little Rolls of Paris, 112 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

Ravioli Chinois Nord Est: our favorite

Well hidden in a small alley in the heart of Belleville, this Chinese as its name suggests, makes ravioli stuffed with pork, beef and just a veggie version (which is a treat). There are 11 options of flavors in two versions: steamed or grilled. There you order 10 ravioli for the modest amount of € 5! For a meal count about 15 ravioli per person, 20 for gourmands! You can eat well and cheap!
Ravioli Chinois Nord Est 11 Rue Civiale, 75010 Paris.

So Nat: the best vegetarian

Bowls with vegetarian and vegan compositions gain another dimension in the So Nat. Bowls made of fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals and various sauces are the plans for lunch, the menu (three ingredients + dessert) comes out at 9 €. Good, beautiful and cheap.
So Nat, 5 Rue Bourdaloue, 75009 Paris.

Sybaris: the best sandwich

Two opening times, two environments, two prices. If at night Sybaris becomes a temple for gourmets, at noon, everything is guided by their sandwich menu at 10 €. At this price, you take a sandwich made with fresh ingredients and seasoned products according to the chef’s mood. There are always three options (including a vegetarian). Included in the menu there is also a homemade lemonade with cardamom!
Sybaris, 86, rue des Archives, 75003 Paris.

Banoi: the most Vietnamese

This little restaurant on rue Amelot has transformed its specialty, the spring roll, into a new classic revisited! At lunch three rolls with starter or dessert come for no more than € 9.40. The different seasonings, lemongrass with pork, salmon teriyaki, shrimp and vegetarian guarantee an interesting taste experience there.
Banoi, 129 Amelot Street, 75011 Paris.

La Guinguette de Angèle: the healthiest

This minimal place, squeezed between two buildings, gives a rustic appearance to the Parisian cliché. At noon, at the Guinguette de Angèle on rue Coquillière, you will have the chance to enjoy your health with a detox menu made with organic, functional and seasonal products. Want more? all for the trifle of € 7.
La Guinguette de Angèle, 34 Rue Coquillière

Lingerie des Grands Voisins: the best cost benefit of the Rive Gauche

Certainly one of the best deals for a cheap lunch in the 14th arrondissement. The Lingerie des Grands Voisins serves at midday during the week a full meal with season products for less than € 10. Also, if you arrive early, you will still have the chance to sit on their sunny terrace. You can also eat well and cheap at Rive Gauche!
Lingerie des Grands Voisin, 78 Denfert Rochereau Avenue Paris 14.

Bopome: the closest to the Canal

The Bopome on Canal Saint-Martin offers a € 10 lunch menu, the “Po” menu, which includes a Taiwanese crepe rolled up and stuffed with either pork or beef and accompanied with sweet potato dumplings. To buy and go to eat walking along the canal …
Bopome, 48 rue de Lancry, 75010 Paris.

Sette: pizzas at 7 €

The pizzeria at Rue Faubourg Saint-Denis offers generous and cheap pizzas in Paris, at a price of 7 euros. Our favorites are Sicilian (tomatoes, anchovies and capers) and spicy salami.
Sette, 38 Rue du Faubourg St. Denis, 75010 Paris

La Bossue: the most “Montmartre”

Attention, exceeds 10 euros, but by 0.50 cents only, so we could not leave it out of the list. In the menu, a starter that is usually a hot or cold soup (according to the climate), a dish: a quiche or a gratin or a risotto accompanied by a small salad. Add to that the decor and the good humor of the staff and you will find a small oasis in the bustling district of Montmartre
The Bossue, 9 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris.

And speaking about Montmartre, to avoid falling into a tourist trap, find here our selection of the best restaurants in this area which is one of the most traditional and iconic neighborhoods in Paris.

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