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The movie "Á la Belle Étoile" premiered here in France on February 22. Beautiful story of hard work, perseverance, and a lot of gastronomy.

Inspired by a true story, the food movie tells the story of a Moroccan boy in a vulnerable situation – Yazid Ichemrahen. His father left home, leaving him with his mother and sister, and at the age of 2 little Yazid was placed in a very loving foster family in which he discovered his passion for patisserie. Unfortunately, at the age of 9, his foster parents retired and were no longer able to care for the boy and Yazid had to go to a new family. For many years, the boy went through several families, orphanages, streets, and faced a very difficult and lonely life.

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However, something made him believe in a better life: patisserie. After much work and above all much prejudice, due to his creativity and willpower, he managed, at the age of 22, to be recognized worldwide as one of the greatest patissêries of his generation. Beautiful story of hard work, perseverance, and a lot of gastronomy.

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In parallel to the release of the film, Yazid Ichemrahen released an autobiography entitled – Créer Pour Survivre, Vivre Pour Ne Pas Sombrer (“Create to Survive, Live to Stay Alive”). The book tells in detail about his childhood difficulties, as well as his progress in the world of patisserie until he became a renowned pâtissier. In his autobiography, Yazid also talks about his stores around the world and conveys in words the difficulty of letting go of his troubled past. Between several questions to himself and to the public, the author searches for an answer to make peace with the past and finally feel complete.  With amazing lucidity and the need to tell his story, Yazid Ichemrahen looks back on his life and a career that deserves admiration.

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