Gluten-Free Paris – 5 spots you need to know

Gluten-free is on the rise. A selection of our 5 gluten-free favorite places in Paris

Gluten-free is on the rise. For some time now, gluten-free diets have been on the spotlight and new addresses have opened in Paris to surf on this trend.
This is not just a trend, it’s actually in many cases a real disease that leads people to choose gluten-free meals. On top of those who banish glten for health reasons (intolerance or sensitivity), there are those who do it to lose weight and rebalance their diet. In both cases, it is not easy to remove gluten from our lives. Especially here in Paris where baguettes, chocolate breads, pies and quiches are part of the local diet. Fortunately, there is a new generation of restaurants where you can find gourmet alternatives.


The Chambelland bakery is very famous, it was the first 100% gluten-free bakery in Paris. It has its own factory to make its flours, its breads and sweets, which are very well made, thought and elaborated. And you must taste the sensational lemon tart.
Chambelland – 14 rue Terneaux, 11eme Paris



Noglu is the Parisian reference address. It is a restaurant with a very strong take-away and delivery business. Noglu’s strong point is the gluten-free homemade pasta. A remarkable achievement. There we have tasted a whole range of gluten free pizza, pies, breads, lasagnas and pastries and we can say all of them are delicious. Everything there is good and gluten-free!
Noglu – 16 Passage of the Panoramas, 2eme Paris.


Helmut Newcake

Are you looking the best examples of traditional French patisserie but gluten-free? Paris-Brest, éclair, canelés … You can find delicious gluten-free versions of these and other small pleasures here. The shop window is devilishly wonderful and everything we tried were simply delicious.
Helmut Newcake – 28 rue Vignon, 9eme Paris.


Bears & Raccoons

You want a gluten-free sandwich? So you have to go to Bears & Raccoons. The fillings are varied and the bread is very well made. They also have small treats such as biscuits, muffins or cheesecakes.
Bears & Raccoons – 21 rue Richard Lenoir, 11eme Paris.



Nous stands out for working with excellent products.
The whole menu is not gluten-free – the general idea is to try to satisfy everyone – but gluten-free options are not numerous: delicious soups, well-prepared salads and desserts without a trace of flour can be enjoyed there.
Nous – 10 rue de Paradis, 8eme and 8 rue Chateaudun, 9eme Paris.

Understand why French gastronomy is unique and one of the greatest national pride.


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