David Toutain Restaurant

As emoções vão e vêem numa viagem sensorial e poética que mostra o universo de um chef tão talentoso quanto atípico.

Pierre Gagnaire, L’Arpège, Marc Veyrat or even Mugaritz … these are some of the great names that appear in David Toutain’s CV … and someday, in the not so distant future, he will appear in the CV of a whole series of great talents of tomorrow …

L'agape substance David Toutain

We have fallen in love with him since Agape Substance… His style? Original, oscillating between the Japanese precision, the Scandinavian cult for nature, mixed with some molecular techniques.

What a pleasure to sit at the table of his new restaurant in Surcouf street, a discreet road next to the gastronomic street of Saint Dominique. A minimalist yet warm ambiance where omnipresent wood welcomes and announces a parade full of flavor.

restaurant David Toutain

You can choose from two to three versions of set menus, in which the chef allows himself to use his creativity to sublime the ingredients of the season.
Cleverly, David Toutain combines only a few flavors. This gives dishes where the main ingredient remains master of the game and is wonderfully enhanced by the other ingredients and secondary fillings.

There is a consistency, a logic that, like a thread, runs through the menu and pervades all the dishes. These work like chapters of a book … every time we finish one, we can hardly wait to find out the next one … and this my friend is frankly very very rare to experience…

Some already celebrated dishes like the oyster & kiwi or white chocolate, cauliflower and coconut milk reveal unusual combinations of flavors and unexpected textures.
David Toutain is a great gentleman of French cuisine, make him a visit … You will not regret it.

Restaurant David Toutain
29, rue Surcouf
Paris 75007
TEL: +33 1 45 50 11 10

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