Maison by Sota Atsumi

In the vibrant gastronomic scene of Paris, where the pursuit of perfection is a constant, Maison by Sota Atsumi stands out as a true oasis of excellence. Inspired by the wise words of renowned chef Joel Robuchon, who once said, “Perfection doesn’t exist. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to achieve it every day,” Japanese chef Sota Atsumi, trained by Robuchon, follows this philosophy with dedication.

Photo: Maison Sota

Atsumi opened his own restaurant, Maison by Sota Atsumi, in September 2019. Despite the obstacles faced, such as the Covid pandemic and structural problems that nearly closed the establishment, Atsumi demonstrated his resilience by resurging with renewed determination.

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As we step into Maison, we are enveloped by a warm and authentic atmosphere. The loft-like setting, with its open kitchen, wood-fired oven, and wooden grill, sets the perfect stage for a culinary experience. The simple yet elegant décor is complemented by a warm and welcoming team, ensuring that every customer feels at home.

Photo: Maison Sota

But it’s at the table where the real magic happens. Atsumi’s menu is a celebration of simplicity and the quality of seasonal ingredients. Each dish is a masterpiece, from the butter-drenched scallops to the rich and meaty pigeon, roasted in the wood-fired oven and harmonized with a pistachio sauce. Atsumi’s gastronomy is a pure and honest expression of his passion for cuisine.

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And to elevate the experience even further, we recommend exploring the wine pairing menu, carefully crafted by sommelier Takebayashi Takashi. With his infectious passion and vast knowledge, Takashi will guide you through an oenological journey that embraces everything from the treasures of Burgundy to the charms of Sicily.

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In summary, Maison by Sota Atsumi is a gastronomic destination where each dish tells a story, where every bite is a sensory experience. Located at 3 rue Saint-Hubert, Paris 11, reservations are essential to secure your spot. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this experience that goes beyond taste – it’s a celebration of art, food, and life.

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