Manon Fleury: empowering women through food

Manon Fleury, one of the most prominent figures in contemporary French gastronomy, not only enchants with her culinary skills but also inspires with her commitment to sustainability, excellence, and female empowerment. With a journey that blends a passion for sports and love for cooking, Manon embodies a new generation of chefs who value the flavor, origin, and environmental impact of the foods they serve.


Her culinary journey began in prestigious kitchens, from La Marine, where she worked with Alexandre Couillon, to L’Astrance, by Pascal Barbot, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, by Dan Barber. These experiences shaped her approach to gastronomy, influencing her to value local products, reduce waste, and create dishes that celebrate simplicity and seasonality.

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Throughout her career, Manon Fleury has been recognized for her talent and commitment to sustainability. She was awarded “Young Parisian Chef of the Year” and received the “Youth Award” at the Omnivore Festival. Her leadership also extends beyond the kitchen, as a co-founder of the Bondir.e association, which aims to prevent violence in the kitchen and promote healthy work practices, especially for women in the culinary industry.

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The restaurant Elsa, where Manon served as executive chef, is a living example of her commitment to responsible and high-quality cuisine. Located in Monaco, Elsa became the first Michelin-starred certified organic restaurant under the visionary leadership of Manon Fleury.

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Now, with the opening of her own restaurant in Paris, Datil, Manon Fleury continues to push the boundaries of gastronomy, offering customers a unique culinary experience that combines sophistication, sustainability, and flavor. Her menu, focused on vegetables and grains, reflects her philosophy of cooking with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, creating dishes that are a true delight to the palate.

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The chef also became famous for publishing her book “Cereals,” where she turned grains into protagonists of her dishes. The book contains 74 recipes ranging from more complex and laborious to simpler ones, inviting readers to discover the diversity and delight of grains in every meal, from breakfast to dinner.


In a scenario where environmental concern, health, and the pursuit of gender equality are gaining more and more prominence, Manon Fleury emerges as a leader. She shows that it is possible to create gastronomic experiences while empowering women in the industry. With her vision and commitment, she is making her mark on French gastronomy.

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