Chef Alexandre Gauthier, 4 days in Paris, for a select few.

In the French gastronomic scene, where names like Robuchon, Ducasse, and Guérard have made history and are synonymous with excellence, emerges a new generation whose boldness and creativity are redefining the boundaries of haute cuisine, with its greatest representative likely being Alexandre Gauthier.

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Alexandre Gauthier’s inspiration is undoubtedly his own; no other restaurant offers a similar gastronomic experience. Who else could he copy, since he never goes to other people’s restaurants?

Gauthier was raised amidst the aromas that permeated his family’s kitchen, sparking his curiosity for flavors and ingredients from an early age. At just 25 years old, he took over the leadership of the restaurant “La Grenouillère,” located in Montreuil-sur-Mer, in the Pays de Calais region, northern France. A legacy initiated by his father, Roland, in 1979. More than just a family tradition, the restaurant represented a challenge for Gauthier, who aimed to make his mark on the haute cuisine scene.

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Before taking over the restaurant, Gauthier dedicated years honing his skills in some of France’s most prestigious kitchens, guided by masters such as Régis Marcon, Michel Roth, and Olivier Brulard. During this time, he perfected his technique and solidified his identity in cooking.

Upon returning to La Grenouillère, he transformed his father’s restaurant with his contemporary approach. Gauthier created a menu that celebrates the richness of his region while challenging the expectations of the most discerning food enthusiasts. In the eyes of critics, Alexandre Gauthier is more than just a talented chef – he is a visionary whose work is redefining the standards of French gastronomy. His curiosity and relentless pursuit of excellence earned him the title of “Cuisinier de l’Année 2016” (Chef of the Year 2016).

“My friends are not chefs; I live in a world of friends, poets, and artists,” he explains. Certainly, it is in a world of artists, in daily research, in taking risks, in a high degree of perfection and precision, that Alexandre Gauthier’s passion and secret reside.

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Last fall, the restaurant La Grenouillère was devastated by rains, closing its doors for renovation. But, we are pleased to announce that we eagerly await its arrival in Paris! For just four days, Gauthier will present his gastronomy at a secret location, decorated by director Julien Gosselin. The menus offer an opportunity to enjoy his cuisine while we await the reopening of La Grenouillère.

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The dates are from April 10th to 13th for dinner (520€) and from April 12th to 14th for lunch (320€).

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