Our selection of the best Pain au Chocolat in Paris.

We can find Pain au Chocolat in every boulangeries in Paris. Get to know the best ones!

Sure, we can find Pain au Chocolat in every boulangeries in Paris, but whrere ar the best ones?

Also called Chocolatine in the south and southeast of the country, this delicacy consists of only two elements, puff pastry and chocolate.

Little is known about the history of pain au chocolat. According to Dominique Anract, president of the Union of Bakeries and Confectioners of Paris, there is no specific date that tells of the appearance of the first pain au chocolat. There are several legends that try to explain about the origin of the recipe and its making, but there is not enough evidence that is valid.

But one thing is certain, the Pain au chocolat is absolutely loved by the French, no matter the age, and widely consumed both for breakfast and as an afternoon snack or after school.
The Gastronomos team visited and tasted more than 20 pain au chocolat and chose 5 places where you can taste some of the best pain au chocolat in Paris. Check our list :

Cédric Grolet Opera: the most beautiful pastry.

Photo: Cédric Grolet Instagram

Cédric Grolet is considered one of the best confectioners in the world and his store in the Opera proves why. His pain au chocolat deserves highlighting because of its breathtaking puff pastry. The chocolate used comes from Alain Ducasse’s factory, forming a perfect combination.
Address: 35 Av. de l’Opéra, 75002

Blé Sucré: generosity and lightness

Photo: Taste Atlas

Located in the 12th arrondisement, in front of a charming square, the pain au chocolat of this boulangerie patisserie stands out for its generosity. Large and quality, the pain au chocolat at blé sucré is golden, crispy and well filled. You don’t need much more than that to be happy!
Address: 7, Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012

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Comptoir du Ritz: the most chocolatey.

Photo: Comptoir du Ritz Instagram

The pain au chocolat from Comptoir du Ritz stands out for its shape. François Perret, chef in charge, revisits this viennoiserie and raises it to another level. With each bite, you can feel the chocolate melting in your mouth. Pure pleasure!
Address: 38, rue Cambon, 75001

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Panade: Brownantine, an irresistible invention.

Photo: Panade Website

There are a few versions of pain au chocolat, some excellent, some not so excellent, Ochef Merouan Bounekraf let his creativity flow and invented the brownantine, a recipe for pain au chocolat filled with brownies. Simply irresistible!
Address: 35, Rue Violet, 75015

Bo & Mie: the praline that shines!

Photo: Bo&Mie Instagram

With three locations in the capital, Bo&Mie has made a name for itself in the competitive world of high-end Parisian boulangeries. Bo & Mie’s pain au chocolat is filled with homemade praline. It is delicious and worth getting to know!
Address: Louvre Rivoli : 91, rue de Rivoli, 75001

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