The best boeuf bourguignon of Paris

The 10 best addresses to eat the best boeuf bourguignon in Paris

Where to eat an excellent boeuf bourguignon in Paris?

The arrival of the cold and all that accompanies you

Summer bids farewell to Paris with a beautiful evening sun that, like every year, will be missed a lot. Autumn has come early this year and has already colored some canopies and trees with its beautiful orange-red colors.
These are inevitable transformations that after a while living in this beautiful city we learn to love even knowing that with the beauty of autumn will come the coldness and the rains of winter.
Optimistic that I am having to seek the good side in everything and I believe that the great virtue of the cold months are the delicious ingredients and winter dishes. The truth is that they are usually dishes and products that we can eat all year round. Because, with few exceptions, they are delicacies that are also available in the other seasons of the year. But it is in the winter that they come with full force, leveraged by the collective imagination, by the media and especially by our nostalgic papillae of these flavors.

Few dishes of French cuisine fit the description above as much as the extraordinary boeuf bourguignon.

What is boeuf bourguignon all about?

I will answer you with another question: What does Burgundy produce?
It produces mustard, blackcurrant cream, marbled ham, aniseed sweets, honey bread with spices? But also, in a less processed and more rural way: snails, beef and wine.
For the time being, we’ll discard the so-called gastropods to focus on the other two emblems that gave rise to the boeuf bourguignon. Now, it’s only fair that the two ingredients came together in the same pot, after all they came from the same land. To accompany them, an escort made up of garlic, onions, bacon, carrots, mushrooms and a garni bouquet. The recipe may seem rustic, but intrinsically linked to the quality of the traditional ingredients: charolais for meat, côte-de-nuits or côte-de-Beaune for wine.

The boeuf bourguignon is part of the team of dishes cooked for a long time. The meat should be cooked slowly so that it softens and is delicately impregnated by the taste of the wine sauce. We are talking about a real quality kitchen that does not use industrial broths and sauces and is not reheated in the microwave.

The starting point

Last November, Le Parisien revealed that, according to a survey conducted by the Toluna Institute for the Nestlé Foundation France, the bourguignon steak was chosen by 23% of respondents as the most representative dish of French cuisine, ahead of the veal blanquette (11%) and the steak with fries (10%).

The Method

For the first time in history, the newspaper Le Figaro, together with its gastronomic critics, organized anonymous visits to several French restaurants spread throughout the capital for 2 weeks to arrive at the verdict of the best bourguignon steak in Paris.

The Criteria

Four criteria were used to obtain a total of 20 points:

The presentation of the plate (in a casserole, on the plate) 3 points,
The meat (texture, generosity, taste) in 6 points,
The sauce (texture and flavor), as well as the accompaniment (knowing that it varies greatly, between boiled potatoes, carrots, pasta or mashed potatoes) in 6 points,
Quality of the place (neighbourhood canteen, traditional bistro, regional address) and the price-quality ratio, in 5 points


First on the list, a surprise: the Café des Musées restaurant, was right in front of the addresses that made steak bourguignon their specialty.

Here follows the list, according to the Le Figaro newspaper, from where you can taste the best boeuf bourguignon in Paris.


Le Café des Musées: 49, rue de Turrenne (IIIe)

2nd lugar tied:

At Fred’s house: 190 bis, boulevard Pereire (17th century)
Aux Crus de Bourgogne: 3, rue Bauchaumont (II)

4th lugar tied:

Le Petir Célestin: 12, quai des Célestin (IVe)
South Burgundy: 14, rue de Clichy (IXe)

6º lugar

Joséphine Chez Dumonet: 117, rue du Cherche-Midi (VIe)

7º lugar
Le Gastroquet: 10, rue Desnouettes (XVe)

8º lugar
In the Burgundy of the Marais: 52, rue François Miron (IVe)

9º lugar
Le Clos Bourguinon, 39, rue Caumartin (IXe)

10º lugar
Chez René, 14, boulevard Saint Germain (VIe)

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