A brief list of the most consumed cheeses by the French

We have selected the five most consumed cheeses in France

Cheese is a regional heritage for the French and has the ability to seduce, delight, exalt, and heighten all the senses.

Here are 5 cheeses that are widely consumed and loved by the French:


One of the most beloved cheeses in France, Camembert cheese, comes from the Normandy region. This cheese is produced from cow’s milk and has a soft consistency with a light yellow color and a white flowery rind. Its intense flavor on the palate is its main mark. Camembert can also be served as a starter, snack or dessert, with or without fruits and jams.



Originally from the île-de-France region, Brie cheese stands out for its smooth, light and buttery flavor. Brie is also produced from cow’s milk and like Camembert it has a whitish skin that protects it with its soft interior. You can combine Brie cheese with nuts or fruit creating pure pleasure in every bite. Brie is considered one of the best cheeses in the world due to its pleasant taste.

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Roquefort cheese has a controlled designation of origin and to receive this name it needs to be produced in the city of Roquefort, the same logic as Champagne. This cheese is made with sheep’s milk and is often consumed with raisins or walnuts. Soft and creamy, Roquefort has a very characteristic appearance. With blue dots all over the cheese which is creamy white in colour. Roquefort stands out for its intense flavor, salty and sweet at the same time. Simply unique, this cheese is also used in sauces to accompany red meats.

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One of the most consumed cheeses by the French is Reblochon. Originally from the Savoy mountains, its name originates from the word “Reblocher”, which means to milk more than once. The cheese is made from cow’s milk. It is orange on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, with a striking flavor. Soft in texture, Reblochon is delicious melted with boiled potatoes, like the famous Tartiflette.

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Although the cheese is Swiss, Emmental has become the darling of the French, being considered the most consumed cheese in all of France. Introduced into French culture and cuisine, this cheese is made from cow’s milk. Emmental is used a lot in sandwiches and salads and of course pasta! With a smooth flavor and unique appearance, Emmental is marked by its bright yellow, hard and smooth skin to the touch. Inside it is consistent and with small rounded holes.

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