Tailor-Made Travel in France, definitely the best option!

No wonder a new wave of consumers is coming back to travel agents. The good news is that these customers will find a completely renewed service!

Since the early 2000s, the number of “self-travel” travellers, i.e. those who organize their own online trips, has skyrocketed. With the help of the internet we are increasingly looking for a personalized trip according to our preferences and purchasing power.
According to PhoCusWright, an industry research company, in 2015 only 10% of leisure travelers reported using travel agent services.

However recently PhoCusWright, found that this number is gradually changing.
They decided to make a personalized travel simulation using only online services. With options ranging from full services such as Expedia, to flight aggregators such as Kayak, direct sites to hotels such as Booking and user rating sites such as TripAdvisor.


After careful reading of the fine print and weighting of the cost of hidden charges, such as the fees of airlines not included in the value of the first result page, as well as the different non-refundable payment clauses. They concluded that even for experienced travelers, planning and booking travel online can be tricky.
So it’s no wonder that since 2017, a new wave of consumers have been circulating back to travel agents in search of personalized travel.
The good news is that these customers will be faced with a completely renewed service!

Tailor-made Travel: travel agents = consultants


The new generation of travel agents operates differently from the past.
Instead of simply recording transactions or acting as order takers, a travel professional ensures that you are a person and not just a number. Our main job now is to understand the client, collect information, propose and make as many positive decisions based on the client’s profile, in exactly the same way that financial consultants help clients manage their money!
We invest our time in seeking new experiences, saving time and satisfaction. A customised and tailor-made itinerary.

The new travelers – bespoke itineraries


Travel Weekly notes that 72% of people who used travel agencies during the past year also used other tourism service sites such as booking or kayak. Because they still want to maintain a practical involvement in the online research of their holiday trips mainly with regard to flights and hotels. Many hire the specialist mainly for the terrestrial part and with guides.

Here are the six main reasons why travellers hire the services of new travel consultants:

1. They’re travel experts


Like any professional advisor, they know more than you do.
Good tailor-made travel consultants should offer options that you probably haven’t considered. Some are generalists; others specialise in niches, group travel or specific geographical destinations. The more expert you are, the more knowledge you will have on the subject and the more exclusive your trip will be.
The tailor-made itineraries we propose at Gastronomos  focus on a speficic destination and angle which is gastronomy and wine. This focus, allows us to propose you with unque experiences. Beyond that we are always looking for new cities, we research new craftsmen, we travel and experience the places constantly and we share the latest news with our clients.

2. Personalized Journey: No fear of making a mistake!


At Gastronomos  we plan and organize bespoke itineraries, always tailor-made to clients expectations, profile and budget, in which professionals are carefully selected to create unforgettable experiences.
France is a country on the move, places open and close all the time, establishments change hands, neighborhoods change profiles and paper guides, posts and online articles are not constantly updated and take time to reflect the changes.
Some trips are more complicated than others. For example, traveling abroad is more complex than traveling to the neighbouring state. Or sometimes the risks are too high to make a mistake when you are planning a big trip to celebrate a special birthday or a trip that involves coordinating itineraries with friends or family. A specialist consultant will be able to give you the best options and, if necessary, the most experienced guides who speak your language.

3. Travel agents: Connections and networking


Travel consultants have consolidated and formed a network to provide an unrivalled negotiation with suppliers on behalf of their customers. As a result, they can guarantee hotel upgrades, visits and workshops in museums outside opening hours, private cooking classes, experiences previously reserved only for local residents such as truffle hunting, visits to exclusive artisans, wine tastings at famous wineries and champagne from producers considered inaccessible.
Our experiences are personalized, if there is a travel experience you want, we can organize it!
These tailor-made trips will bring together the best activities to suit your taste, achieving the perfect balance between must-see attractions and unusual attractions, while leaving room for you to relax.

4. Tailor-made Trips: No time to lose


Of course, reading about places to go is fun and attractive . But planning a trip is a challenge. It takes time and reflection. Travel consultants are there to help you save time and take care of your vacation. It is their job to listen, research, suggest, adjust, understand and transform the trip into an unforgettable experience.  Even better than you had imagined.
The experiences we organize at Gastronomos are composed by unique experiences.  We know the hidden gems. Or because we’ve already been, or because we’ve heard our clients and colleagues tell us about these places. With our experience, partnerships and local knowledge we have access to special suppliers, we seek trends and novelties from the French gastronomic scene. Without ever leaving out the great and traditional local maisons and artisans.

5. Have a safety net in case things go wrong


We feed ourselves with the latest information on a daily basis, which allows us to plan the best trips.
Although having good travel planning is important, it may happen that that even after a trip is planned, things don’t always go exactly as expected. When “things happen,” it’s comforting to have someone you can count on to solve problems.

6. Custom itinerary


What really distinguishes a true travel consultant is the little things that are unexpected. Providing specific experiences, such as organising competitions for families in the Louvre or helping older travellers who need baggage assistance on trains. Proposing something that can’t be “searched on Google” – a personal, unique and unforgettable experience is our goal.

If you want to visit France in a unique way, and discoveri more about the greatest treasures of the french gastronomy and its wines do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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