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Why should I book a Food Tour in Paris?

In France and around the world, food tours are the perfect way to learn and get imersed in the culture of a country.

Have you ever thought about doing a food tour in Paris? Or a wine tour guided by an expert?
Maybe you’re not sure you need a guide…
Here are some reasons to help you find out when to hire a food tour in Paris and elsewhere.

tour gastroômico em paris

When you should hire a guided food tour:

1. When you have little time in Paris

An experienced guide, expert in the subject, a chef or somelier, can give help you focus on your tour. This can be very valuable when you have little time in one place. The right guide can give you personalised advice on the streets of Paris.

2. When you have little time II – When visiting Paris between connecting flights

You’re passionate about cheese and wine, crazy about gastronomy. You know that Paris reunites the best of what the West World has in terms of wines, cheeses, sweets, bread and gastronomy in general. But hat if you only have a few hours to discover the best ingredients, products and addresses? What to do? Hire a guided food tour could be a great option. In a food tour, a guide will be waiting for you on time at a meeting point, with a pleasant, comfortable itinerary so that you can do everything within your time. He or she will take you to the best shops and restaurants in Paris, show you famous and traditional places in the city, or maybe, more rare and frequented-only-by-locals venues. Will take you to lunch at a nice bistrot in the Sait Germain or Marais areas. Or maybe just visit a charming neighborhood market. You sill see so much, that it will seem like you have been walking for days, instead of a few hours.

3. A Food Tour when visiting Paris for a second, third time

If you are visiting Paris and have visited it numerous times before for different reasons: because you have relatives in the city, because you have business and congresses, because Paris is great for connecting flights to the rest of the world or because you simply love Paris. In this case, hiring an expert guide and a food tour can give you a new perspective on a familiar place.
In Gastronomy our gastronomic guides are talented and with an excellent repertoire of local knowledge, they will always have something new to tell you: a new restaurant, a new shop, new cool address, even for those who think they know Paris really well.

4. When visiting old Paris districts, with narrow streets and hidden treasures

A good food guide is also a great tourist guide and is ready to take you on your tour through exclusive and unusual places n Paris. A good guide will always know the best times to visit shops and restaurants, where prices are better, the places you can and should skip, what is closed or under construction, and various tricks and tactics that will help you to make the most of your stay in Paris.
In addition companies like Gastronomos have access to restaurants and special services reserved exclusively to their clients.

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5. For long stays in Paris

When you are staying for a few days in a hotel or apartment in Paris say you are planning to stay in town for a cople of weeks… Consider the idea of doing a Gastronomos tour in the first days in town to help -or maybe just to clarify your questions of where to buy cheeses, wines and other ingredients. Alternatively, you can hire a food tour in Paris at the end of your stay when you have exhausted the obvious attractions and want to go for a deeper and more meaninful experience around gastronomy and wine, and know the best places where you can buy food to bring back home.

6. A food tour when visiting historic districts of Paris

One of our great differentials is that our food tours and cheese tastings are guided by chefs and specialists also passionate about history. We visit places that are exceptionally rich in historical or cultural significance. We call it educational food tours where we will offer a immersive experience that goes beyond the pages of travel guides.

7. In a trip with friends who are also passionate about gastronomy and wine

Even if you are experienced in gastronomy, a true gourmet and travel with a group of experts on wines and cheeses, it’s still a good idea to hire a guide who knows the local area and can help you navigate and explore the best suppliers, the best ingredients and the best places in Paris.

8. When language barriers are high

When visiting Paris, a place where you don’t speak the language and many French don’t speak English, a local guide that speaks your language can be invaluable in numerous ways. The food tours, the wine tastings, the cheese tastings and all the other gastronomic experiences that we organize are led by guides, chefs and experts fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

tour gastronomico paris

9. When you love to eat and drink and are traveling alone

Whether you’re traveling alone or extending a business trip, a tour is a great way to connect with other people on your trips. Walks involving food and drink in particular offer a wonderful opportunity to sit down and chat. There’s something about sharing a meal, or a glass of wine, that connects people.

10. When it’s your first time in Paris

Don’t hesitate, if you can just do a tour in Paris or any city you are visiting, this should be a food tour! 🙂
A food tour in Paris besides being delicious and showing you the best restaurants in Paris, the best bakeries in Paris, the best Parisian sweets will show you how food is fundamental for most Parisians and plays a prominent role in the French society.
By doing one of our tours you willlearn about the importance of ingredients and dishes in the life of Parisians. You will be introduced to the best Parisian cafes and restaurants and your guide will warn you of the tourist traps you should avoid.

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